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Release Runner is the app you need to streamline your release process and take control of your deployments.

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Human Centric

Empower your team with Release Runner, a human-centric release management solution designed to streamline workflows and foster seamless collaboration. Experience unparalleled efficiency while prioritizing the needs and strengths of your team members.

Employ customizable checklists to simplify deployment, prevent oversights, minimize human error, and ensure a smooth, dependable team experience.
Automation Friendly
Utilize customizable checklists for streamlined deployment, reducing oversights and human error while enhancing team experience.
Analyze how long it takes for your releases to get done.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Experience the future of release management with Release Runner – now available for FREE during our live beta! 🎉


Experience a human-centric, efficient, and compliance friendly approach to release management at an affordable price of just $3/user/month.

What’s included

  • Workflow Management
  • Checklists

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